What Broadcast Networks Are You Tuned In?

When I was a child there were only a handful of channels to turn to if you wanted to watch television. Growing up here in the United States they were: The American Broadcasting Channel (ABC), The National Broadcasting Channel (NBC), The Columbian Broadcasting System, (CBS), and The Public Broadcasting System (PBS). Whatever program you wanted to watch was featured on one of these channels. Like today’s thousands of choices to choose from, these channels competed for your attention. They competed for viewers because they were largely paid by advertisers who paid for air time.

What if I were to tell you that there are networks competing for your heart today? These networks broadcast to your mind, where you are led to believe this or that and subsequently choose behaviors that either help or hinder you. The competition is fierce because not only is your soul at stake, but your ability to live a full, productive and happy life is also at stake.

I am writing a book on Belief that is based on the premise that there are at least four broadcast networks competing for your attention. They are the networks: Society, Self, Satan and Savior. The purpose of this blog and the book upon which it is based, is to help you learn how to identify which network you are tuned into and how to be more conscientious about tuning into the latter, the Savior Network.

A brief description of each are:

Competing Network 1: Society, which we will give the call letters: WRLD, is the voice that comes from the world, pulling your beliefs and your thoughts using media, which make you look outward, rather than inward, comparing yourself to others and constantly changing your viewpoint to whatever fad it deems to be true at any given moment.

Competing Network 2: Self, which we will give the call letters: FLSH, is the voice that often

originates in the family where you come from. In psychology we refer to this as Family of Origin. Throughout your life, you experienced different things that communicated to you ideas that led you to develop beliefs about yourself, other people and your environment. These thoughts can be old tapes about who you are and how the world operates. They may not have even originated with you. They may be old beliefs that have been handed down through the generations of your family.

Competing Network 3: Satan, which we will give the call letters: FEAR, is often a debilitating network that tries to convince you that you are something other than what or who God has created you to be. FEAR, along with, at times, WRLD and FLSH, often has the goal of destruction and debilitation. Learning to recognize and tune into the fourth network helps you to overcome the first three.

Competing Network 4: Savior, which we will give the call letters: IAM, affirms who you really are because it’s originator is the One who created you. You didn’t create yourself as the Self network would have you believe and as hard as Society tries to, it can’t recreate you unless you let it by believing what it broadcasts. Satan network, FEAR, has a  goal to kill, steal, and destroy anything the Savior network has created.

Learning to choose which network you tune into takes time and effort, at least at first until you train yourself to tune out the others. It is doable. Tune in to our next blog post for further discussion of these networks, how they operate and how you can use your God-given free will to choose for yourself, this day, and every day, who you will believe.

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