About Me

​I am a Wife, Mother of Two, Therapist, Writer and Christian. 
I have two amazing daughters. Lexi, my eldest is now a mother. Already I admire her conscientiousness with my granddaughter. Lexi knows what she wants in life and she is fierce in her determination to pursue her goals. She is a good friend to those who are blessed enough to be called her friend. She is a good wife and partner to her husband. She is eager to build a loving home and be the best wife and mother she can.

My younger daughter, Jazmine is a force to be reckoned with. She is honest and wise. Some of the things that she says sounds like it’s coming from a 42-year-old woman. She is conscientious about the feelings of others and she is strong in that she doens’t mind standing in the gap for people who do not have a voice. She has a voice of her own, even as a teen and she is not easily swayed by the opinions of others. She listens to the opinions of others but she thinks it through, investigates and comes to her own decision about how she feels about whatever is the topic of discussion.

Being a mom is the greatest joy of my life. I think it is important to be someone that my daughters can look up to and I am confident that in many ways each daughter looks up to me for her own reasons. I enjoy spending time with them either together or one-on-one. I’m proud to be their mother and I am proud of who both are turning out to be.
​I am married to the most wonderful man on the planet. Michael Taris – Husband, Musician, Father and Disciple of Jesus Christ, he loves me. He is kind and considerate, not just to me but to others. In fact this was one of my litmus tests when I was single. If a guy is one way with me and another with other people, that’s a red flag. I noticed right away that the same kindness my husband (boyfriend at the time), showed to me, was consistently given to others. I remember once he had invited me to watch him play at a pre-teen church camp. I sat in the back and watched him and the band play worship songs for the kids. At the end of the concert, the kids gathered around the band members asking them for their autograph.

Michael was the only musician who got down on his knees so that he can be face-to-face with the kids and speak with them. He was also the only one who asked the kids what they wanted the autograph to say. The other musicians towered above the kids and hastily scribbled their names on whatever they were handed to sign. Michael gave each child a few minutes of eye-to-eye conversation. It was only a matter of seconds each but it was personal. I took note of that and filed it in the back of my mind. I knew then that this guy was probably a keeper. I was right.

My intention for this website is to share my life, insights and wisdom I receive from above, with my clients, future readers, and all those who will listen so that we can all heal one day at a time.

My Why


I’d never planned to become a therapist. I did because I went through my own process. It worked so well that I thought “all people need this,” so I started referring my friends and family members to the therapist I had been seeing. Then one day, the thought “you need to be a therapist to help people.” It was random and seemingly from nowhere but it felt right. I ran the idea by my husband and three women who were closest to me at the time. All four said about the same thing: “I can see you doing that,” “that seem right,” “you would help so many people.” So I decided to apply to Azusa Pacific University because I wanted to study psychology within the Christian perspective. I prayed and said to God “If this is really from you, please open doors for me to be accepted into Azusa Pacific.” At the time I was working full time and had one daughter. I knew I wanted another child so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time applying to several graduate programs. I figured it if it was meant to be, Azusa would work out. And it did.

I love many things about what I do, all revolving around healing. One of my favorite things to see is a person going from Point A-to-Point Z, and all of the points along the way to their mental health or relational goals. When people come in feeling disempowered or as if they are lacking a voice and they leave knowing they have tools within them to craft the life they want, it’s a satisfying feeling to me to see someone go from believing they have nothing and are nothing to seeing themselves as a person worthy of life, love, happiness, passion and purpose.

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