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What To Do When Your Partner Is Emotionally Unavailable

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Youtube Channel

Through my channel you will receive practical tools to live truth with grace. As a private practice therapist I have worked with many clients and hope to use this platform to share content that can bring healing to the world. I have an upcoming book, a blog and services that are available. Stay tuned!

Mindful Meditations Ebook

A modern twist on meditation for the person who would like to incorporate it throughout their day.


Writing For Emotional Wellbeing




Writing has many uses. Some people write to communicate information and ideas. Some write for the purpose of entertaining others, and some to sort out what’s going inside their own heads and heart. That is what the eBook writing or Emotional Wellbeing is all about. It is a guide to help you get to the bottom of whatever is bothering you.

Setting Boundaries - Teen Boundaries




Setting Healthy Boundaries is an interactive ebook that will guide you and your family to establish healthy boundaries within your household. Through exercises and examples this workbook will guide you and your teen in discussion of values, behaviors, and consequences. Teens are more apt to stay within boundaries if they are set up as part of the family dynamic. My hope is to encourage and guide your family into establishing your own values and sticking to them to create a safe and healthy atmosphere within your household.


Marriage & Relational Coaching

Coming Soon…

This webinar is taught by myself and my husband, Michael Taris. In it, we have the couples take an assessment on their experience of the their relationship and it gives a report on the state of the relationship. The assessment looks at areas like communication, conflict resolution, Family of origin issues, parenting, sex, finances and a host of others. It tells where your strengths and weaknesses are and it gives you interventions to make your strengths even stronger and turn your weaknesses into strengths.